Package as a passenger?

You know it. You browse the online bazaar or Marketplace and come across that perfect piece, but it’s far away and you don’t know how it could get to you. Together with TITORI, we are changing the way packages are transported, and the question is: Why can’t a package be a passenger?

TITORI brings an innovative solution for your transportation needs. With our new package delivery service, you can easily and efficiently arrange delivery of the package to where you need it. Long waiting times for couriers, continuous tracking of delivery and stress over whether the package will arrive on time are eliminated.

How does it work? It is simple. Just connect to our application, where you enter information about your package. Then you indicate that it is a package transport, fill in the relevant data and our algorithms will find a suitable TITORI driver who will help you deliver the package to your desired address.

Everything is up to the agreement between you and the TITORI driver. If you have free space in your car and are ready to help others, you can become a package delivery driver and improve your budget at the same time. It’s not just about transporting packages, it’s about building a community where people help each other and contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

With TITORI, you can easily and efficiently transport a package as a passenger. It is a new mode of transport that brings benefits to all involved. So why not take advantage of this innovative service today and start changing the way parcels are transported?

Let us change the way you look at parcel shipping. With TITORI, it’s easy, fast and ecological. Come and try it today.

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