Codex of user


Ensure a safe ride: Safety is our priority. Drive carefully and concentrate. Strictly follow the travel regulations and do not violate the speed limits.

Respect passengers: Take care of passengers and try to meet their requests as much as possible. Adjust the music and temperature in the vehicle to their preferences if possible.

Keep to the agreed place and time: Arrive at the agreed place on time. Drop off passengers in a safe and convenient place, not on the shoulder of the highway or dangerous sections.

Capacity utilization: Do not overfill the vehicle beyond capacity. Take into account that passengers may have luggage and take this into account when ensuring their comfort.


Respect the agreed time and price: Respect the agreed time and agreed price through the application and do not negotiate it in the vehicle.

Do not disturb the driver: Do not disturb the driver and respect his preferences regarding music and smoking.

Leave the car clean: Leave the car in a clean condition after driving.

We don’t cancel carpooling at the last minute: Don’t miss a ride and don’t cancel carpooling at the last minute without prior notice.