Terms of use

Terms and Conditions of Business for website and mobile application effective from 28th April 2023 („Terms and Conditions“)

I. Introductory provisions

  1. TKSOL s.r.o.,with its registered seat at Gaštanová 21, Žilina 010 07, Company ID No.: 55 204 694, Tax No.: 2121902915, VAT No.: SK2121902915, Registration in Business Register of the District Court Žilina, Section:Sro, Insert No.: 81308/L („Company“) operates a ride – sharing platform, that is accessible via mobile application „TiToRi“ or on website www.titori.sk www.titori.cz www.titori.com („website“). Company is the administrator and the founder of the website and the mobile application, the use of which is governed by these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The aim of this mobile application is to enable the easy transfer of pas sen-gers by allowing the driver going from a certain location to a certain location, through his offer published in the application, to allow the pas senger to get into the vehicle and share this ride together, including its costs. (“Application”)
  3. The Terms and Conditions shall apply on website www.titori.sk www.titori.cz www.titori.com and on the Application for mobile devices with operating system Android, iOS.
  4. Information on protection of personal data of data subjects is published on website of the Company.
  5. Company warns the users that it is not a party to any agreement, contract concluded between users of the platform. Company acts only as an intermediary, that allows you to request and use the shared transportation.
  6. Definition of terms
    1. Company- TKSOL s.r.o.,with its registered seat at Gaštanová 21, Žilina 010 07, Company ID No.: 55 204 694, Tax No.: 2121902915, VAT No.: SK2121902915, Registration in Business Register of the District Court Žilina, Section:Sro, Insert No.: 81308/L
    2. Account – Each member has his or her own account in order to access the Application and to use its functions. It is collection of data in the electronic system of the Company, protected by user´s login and password, that is set by the Member. The customer account contains personal data of Members.
    3. The Member – is a user of the Application, who purchased credit
    4. The User – anyone who downloads the Application to their device
    5. Advertisement- advertisement added to the Application by a driver or a passenger
    6. The Driver – is a natural person, that reached out the age 18 or over, is holder of the driving licence and is the user of the Application, that offers to transport another user of the Application, i.e. a natural person (passenger) in exchange for a contribution to the travel costs and at the time determined by the Driver.
    7. Passenger – is a natural person, that reached out the age 18 or over and is the user of the Application, that uses the transportation based on the offer of the Driver, or a person that booked a seat with the Driver.
    8. Contrubution to travel costs – is the amount of money for the ride requested by the Driver and accepted by the Passenger
    9. Relations between the Company and the consumer not governed not expressly regulated by these Terms and Conditions, are governed by the relevant provisions of Act no. 40/1964 Coll. Civil Code, Act no. 250/2007 Coll. on consumer protection, Act No. 372/1990 Coll. on offenses as amended, Act No. 102/2014 Coll. on consumer protection when selling goods or providing services based on a contract concluded at a distance or a contract concluded outside the seller’s premises and on amendments and additions to certain laws as well as related regulations.
    10. Credit is an asset, that the Member of the Application purchase from the Company, while the value of one credit corresponds to the amount of one Euro. The credit is used to pay the Company´s fee for active using of the Application.
    11. Fee – is 10% of the value of the ride, that is deducted by the Company from the credit of the Member of the confirmed ride of the Driver and the Passenger, but at least the amount corresponding to the credit worth of 0,05.- Eur.
  7. Form of contact
    1. contact formular: Gaštanová 21, 010 07 Žilina
    2. via e-mail: support@titori.com
  8. Credit
    1. The User of the Application may purchase credit from the Company, that is an asset and is used as a mean of payment for members for active use of the Application. One credit corresponds to the value of 1.-Eur.
    2. The Driver or the Passenger can purchase credit with a minimum value of 1.- Eur
    3. Credit is activated by crediting first deposit to the account of Driver or Passenger. The condition is, however, the Driver or the Passenger shall have verified email or mobile phone number before the first deposit.
    4. The Driver or the Passenger can make every deposit of funds through the Application by common payment methods. After the deposit, the credit shall be automatically credited to the account of the Driver or the Passenger in their Application. The confirmation of the payment shall be available in the application of the User.
    5. The Company charges a fee to the Driver and the Passenger at the rate of 10% of the value of the shared ride, however, the fee is at least in the amount of 0,05 Eur. This fee shall be deducted from the Member´s account in the Application, after confirmation of the share ride by both participants.
    6. For all actions performed by the member in the Application,which are related to the movement of credit, the member shall be logged in to his personal account in the Appli cation and confirm this, and the Company will send him a noti fication to his account or e-mail. The payment confirmation is published on the member’s account in the Application
    7. The Member shall get the credit in thee ways:
      1. Credit – purchased by the User from the Company
      2. Bonus Credit – obtained from the Company for watching the adverts in the Application or in the contest published by the Company
      3. Lump sum credit – purchased by the Member for 31 days, for which period of time the Member shall get non – limited number of advertisement.
        The pricelist of the Lump sum credit is published in the Application.

    8. The Member of the Application can use the Bonus Credit for a shared ride.
    9. The credit withdrawn by the Company from the Passenger and the Driv-er after confirmation of the shared ride, in the event that the shared ride was canceled by the Passenger, shall be not returned ti the Passenger but the credit will be returned to the Driver who was not responsible for the cancellation of the ride. . If the ride is canceled by the Driver, the credit taken from the driver will not be refunded to the Driver and the credit taken from the Passenger will be refunded to the Passenger.
    10. The Company can return the credit to the Passenger or driver who was at fault for canceling the shared ride only if the ride was can-celed for serious reasons (e.g. illness, injury, other life-threatening condition…), while the passenger or driver shall send a refund re-quest to the company and prove this serious reasons. After receiv-ing the request, the company will send a statement to the member within 30 days as to whether or not it will comply with the request. If the request is granted, the company will credit the withdrawn credit to the member’s account in the Application within 7 days.
    11. The credit is valid for 365 days. After recharging the Credit within the period of 365 days, a new 365 day period begins on the day following the recharging.
    12. In the event the Member requests return funds for unused Credit, the Member shall send the Company written request for the return of the unused Credit, where he or she shall state his or her personal data, account in Application and bank account. The Company charges fee of 20.- Eur including VAT for this service.
    13. The Member is not entitled to return the Credit in case the ride has started.
    14. n. Člen nemá nárok na vrátenie nespotrebovaného bonusového kreditu vyplateného v peniazoch.
  9. The services provided by the Company through the Application are mainly aimed at accessing and using the Application, which enable its members to request and receive Third Party Services in connection with shared rides. Unless otherwise agreed, shared rides may be advertised for non-commercial use.

II. Mobile application

  1. The application is used exclusively for non-commercial and non-commercial purposes. The goal is to bring together natural persons who travel and/or are interested in shared rides.
  2. The binding relationship resulting from shared driving or carpooling is between the Driver and the Passenger, therefore consumer rights do not apply to this re-lationship.
  3. In order to ensure the purpose of this platform, the Driver shall not re quest a cost contribution that is higher than the actual cost of the ride, taking into account that the Driver bears his own share of the cost of the ride. The Driver is solely responsible for calculating the costs incurred by you for the ride and for checking that the amount requested from your passengers does not exceed the actual costs incurred.
  4. The Company shall suspend the Driver’s account if it finds that the vehi cle used to transport Passengers is a business vehicle, taxi or company vehi-cle. In connection with the verification of the owner or holder of the vehicle, the Driver is obliged, upon request, to submit to the Company a copy of the technical license or other document from which it is clear that the Driver is authorized to use the vehicle and that he does not earn money from it by using this vehicle in the Application.
  5. The Company reserves the right to suspend the Driver’s account provided that it reasonably believes that the Driver is making a profit until proven otherwise.


  1. The Application can be downloaded on mobile device that has Internet connection and has Android or iOS operating system.
  2. The Company is not responsible for network connection of the user of the Application. The User is responsible for getting network access required for using the Application and is responsible for all the rates and fees charged by his or her mobile network provider, including consumption of data by using the mobile applications and/or website od the Company. Moreover, the User is responsible for the access to compatible devices and operating systems that are needed for using the Application including all the updates of software and hardware.
  3. In order to use the Application you shall register in mobile Application and create an account. You are allowed to use the services of the Application upon reaching the age of 18.
  4. After successful registration you become a member and you are entitled to access under fulfilment of the conditions post advertisements, search advertisements, post reviews, communicate with other member for the purpose of shared ride.
  5. Non -registered user is entitled to view the advertisements but is not able to communicate with the Driver and post the advertisement.
  6. The personal data protection policy is published on Company´s website which you shall make yourself acquainted with before registration in the Application.
  7. The User shall provide accurate and complete information by registration and by using the services of the mobile Application. The account is for the User personal. The user´s account can not be licenced or shared unless expressly allowed by the Company. The user shall keep the information about the account accurate, complete and up to date.
  8. The user can not register more than one account, unless agreed otherwise in writing; you can not allow third parties to use his or her account or transfer the account on third party.
  9. If the user suspects that his account has been misused or has for gotten his login details, he shall request a password reset via e- mail.
  10. The user is responsible for paying any payments or fees that may arise as a result of the provision of third party services requested through the user’s ac-count.


  1. The entitlement to post the advertisement in the Application has the Driver and/or the Passenger under conditions set out in this Terms and Conditions, particularly in case he or she is the user with the Credit purchased by the Company. By posting the advertisement the Driver agrees to the amount of the fee for the Company. The Passenger who is interested in shared ride via Application expressly agrees to the amount of the fee for the Company.
  2. When posting the advertisement the Driver provide following  information:
    – direction of the planned journey
    – date and time of planned journey
    – number of available  seats
    – amount of contribution on costs of ride
    – other (e.g. stops within the ride)

  3. The Driver is entitled to post an advertisement on condition, that:
    – The Driver is a holder of driving licence
    – The Driver is the owner of the vehicle or has express writen consent of the owner of the vehicle
    – Is and stay main driver of the vehicle, that is object of the advertisement
    – The vehicle shall have copulsory contractual insurance at the time of the ride
    – The Driver shall be fully medically fit to drive a vehicle, the driver is prohibited while driving from being under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotic, psychotropic or other substances, which may affect the driver’s driving and endanger the participants of the shared ride
    – the Driver offers in the advertisement available seats actually corresponding to the number of available seats in the vehicle
    -The vehicle is in good technical condition and complies
    with legal regulations and customs, mainly with the valid technical inspection certificate
    – the Driver is natural person and not acting within business activities as a supplier.
  4. The Driver as the user of the Application and the provider of the advertisement is solely responsible for its content. Consequently, the Driver declares and guarantees accuracy and thruthfullness of all information in the advertisement and guarantees that you travel under conditions described in the advertisement.
  5. The posted advertisement shall be published in the Application and visible to the members and all visitors including non-members searching in the Application.
  6. The Company reserves the right, at its discretion and without prior notice
    anytime  not to post or remove any advertisement, that do not comply with the conditions or that is considered as harmful for its reputation, reputation of the Application.

  7. It is prohibited to use the services of the Application for enterpreneurs as suppliers. In case the Company finds out the Application is being used by a user for business, the Company shall claim pecuniary or non- pecuniary damages against this person via court. Moreover, the Company may incur damages of amount of 150.000.-Eur for misuse of the platform.


  1. The Passenger can get the seat only via the Appication by making a reservation.
  2. Making a reservation. The Passenger who is interested in ride in published advertisement, which has the option of making reservation, is entitled to make reservation for  this ride.
    The Passenger has binding reservation for the ride after the Driver confirms it, if the Driver does not confirm the ride, the ride is not bindingly reserved  and the Passenger is entitled to send reservation to another Drivers. The Reservation becomes binding when the Driver confirms the order. The remaining reservations  are automatically cancelled.

  3. The Driver shall confirm the ride no later than departure time of the offered ride. If the Driver does not confirm the ride, mutual agreement between the Passenger and the Driver about shared ride was not concluded.
  4. The Passenger is entitled to send reservation regest to severan drivers at the same time.
  5. When confirming the reservation, the Company will display the phone num-ber of the Driver to the Passenger and the Passenger to the Driver and the GPS position at the time of using the Application, then the pas senger and the driver are solely responsible for fulfilling the contract that binds them to other members.
  6. Reservation for the advertisement relates to a specific name.
  7. If the Passenger travels with third person, it is possible to make  a
    reservation or agree a seat also for this person; in such case the Passenger shall provide  the Driver with accurate details about this person,on whose behalf was made the reservation, particularly name, surname, age and phone number.   

  8. The Driver is entitled to refuse seat reservation for a person under the age of 14 traveling alone. If the Driver agrees to travel with a minor person traveling alone, the Driver shall give his or her consent in writing; in such case as writen consent is deemed also SMS message or email and the minor child shall have consent signed by his or her legal representative.
  9. If the Passenger wishes within the ride to  transport oversized luggage, animal or any other item, he or she shall inform the Driver in advance, who is entitled to refuse to take Passenger with such request onto
    the shared ride.

  10. The Driver is entitled to trasnport except for the Passenger also other items of the Passenger upon mutual agreement with the Driver under the conditions set in this Terms and conditions. The Driver shall examine the object of the transport/package, whether the content corresponds to mutual agreement between The Passenger and the Driver.


  1. In order to provide high – quality services of the Application,  the Company request form users, whether they are passengers or drivers,to  write reviews,that shall be writen by passengers or drivers  for themselves.
    The Company recommend to write the review without delay, i.e. as soon as possible after the ride.

  2. All the reviews shall be published in the Application on the profile of reviewed person. Shall these reviews contain vulgarism, hate speech or otherwise are in conflict with good manners, the Company reserves the right not to publish and/or delete such reviews or communications.
  3. If the user of the Application has repeated negative reviews or low ratings, i.e. less than three stars, while five stars being the best rating, the Company shal be entitled to notifiy the user of low rating, that is harmful to Company´s reputation, and request for correction. If the negative rating is repeated despite the request, the Company reserves the right to suspend the user´s account and limit the access to the Application, about what the Company shall notify the user.


  1. The Company charges the booking of the shared ride according to these Terms and conditions.

  2. The access to the Application and registration is free of charge. Within this access the users can search for advertisements for free.
  3. The Company shall provide the „ Indicative Price list“ in the Application, that is not binding but informative for the Driver. In this Price list the Company proposes the amount of money to contribute to the travel costs, that takes in to consideration nature of the ride and distance, This sum is set as an informative and it is at your discrection if you rise it or decrease taking into account reallz incurred travel costs.
  4. Making profit in any way with using this Application is strictly prohibited.
  5. The Driver determines the contribution on travel costs connected with the shared ride taking into consideration the Indicative Price list. The Driver is entitled to request from the Passenger the contribution to cover the travel costs in the amount of costs actually incurred. Otherwise the Company shall hold the Driver accountable, that may lead to complete restricition of using the Application.
  6. The Company publishes on its website and/or in the Application „Indicative Price list, that is indicative and has no contractual or binding character. The Driver determines the price of the ride taking into consideration consumption of the vehihle, lenght of the ride, price of fuel and other factors.
  7. Before start of the ride the Driver is entitled to request advance payment from the Passenger. The Passeneger shall pay the Driver for the ride at the furthest at drop – off point unless otherwise agreed.


    1. The cancellation of booking is allowed at any time both from the Driver´s side and the Passengers´ side directly in the Application.
    2. In case of cancellation of the booking before acceptance by the Driver, the Company does not charge any fee.
    3. In the event of cancellaton of the booking in sufficient time before the shared ride the advertisement becomes automatically accessible to other users that can book it an the Application.
    4. In the case of cancellation of the reservation by the user after the res-ervation has been confirmed, the Company may charge a
      cancellation fee equal to the value of the shared ride in the form of credits, which serves both as compensation for the Driver who ar rived at the agreed pick-up point or for the Passenger who the driver canceled the shared ride or was more than 15 minutes late to the pick-up point, except in cases that the driver could not influ ence by his own efforts (e.g. traffic accident, bad weather, illness, etc.), the above also applies to the Passenger. Circumstances that prevented them from arriving at the pick-up location apply to both the Driver and the Passenger, and the Driver or Passenger must prove these circumstances to the injured party and, upon written request, to the Company.

    5. The cancellation fee is returned and charged in the form of Credit in the Application.

Princuples of conducting of the Driver and the Passenger.


  1. At the moment of posting the advertisement for shared ride the Driver shall be of the age 18 or over and shall hold a valid driving licence.
  2. The Driver´s vehicle shall have compulsory contractual insurance.
  3. The Driver´s Vehicle shall have valid technical inspection.
  4. The Driver shall before or during the ride, upon the request of the Passenger or the Company, provide proof of compulsory contractual insurance, driving licence, technical inspection certificate or other document authorising the Driver to drive the vehicle (e.g. self declaration of the owner of the vehicle).
  5. During the shared ride the Driver shall be rested and capable of driving in accordance with legal regulations of Slovak republic.
  6. The Driver shall post advertisements for shared ride that he or she actually perfroms. The Driver shall perform the ride exatly as specified in the advertisement, unless all participants of the shared ride agreed otherwise.
  7. The Driver shall inform the Passenger in the event of delay or change in the route.
  8. The Driver shall wait for the Passenger at collecting point for 15 minutes beyong agreed time, unless they agreed othewise.
  9. The Driver is entitled to post an advertisement for shared ride with vehicle, that he or she owns or possess.
  10. The Driver shall be available for contact on phone number posted on the Driver´s profile.
  11. The Driver is prohibited from generating any profit via this Application.
  12. The Driver shall behave during the ride in accordance with good      manners.


  1. The Passenger is entitled to request from the Driver compulsory contractual insurance, driving licence, technical inspection certificate or other document authorised the Driver to drive the vehicle ( e.g. self declaration of the owner of the vehicle) before or during the ride.
  2. The Passenger shall behave in accordance with the good manners towards all participants of the shared ride during the ride, maintain peace and quiet and shall not disturb the concentration of the Driver.
  3. The Passenger must not in any way damage the Drivers´s vehicle and/ or pollute it.
  4. The Passenger shall be available for contact on the mobile phone number published on his or her profile in the Application.
  5. In case the Driver is late the Passenger is entitled to contact the Driver on his or her mobile phone number published in the Application, unless they agreed otherwise before the shared ride.
  6. The Passenger shall wait for the Driver at the collection point for at least 15 minutes beyond the agreed time, unless agreed with the Driver otherwise.
  7. Upon writen agreement with the Driver the Passenger is entitled to carry luggage or any other item or an animal. As writen agreement is deemed also sms message or email.
  8. The Passenger shall pay the agreed contribution to the Driver.


  1. The User may use the Application for 24 hours a day, 7day in a week.
  2. Registered and non-registreded Users are stictly prohibited from using the Application for profit or for business purposes.
  3. The User has option to get business information from the Company that are sent as newsletter to customers to their acconts. For this purpose consent shall be given via registration form by clicking on corresponding field. The customer is entitled to withdraw his or consent for sending business information at any time. The agreement on providing business information is concluded for uncertain period of time and shall cease at the customer´s request for erasing his or her account from the Application or by unsubscribing the newsletter through link in the Application.
  4. The user may publish in the Application individual and subjective reviews concerning the shared ride. By publishing this review the User declare, that he or she owns all rights to this content, particularly copyright and related rights and industrial property rights.
  5. Reviews shall be clear and comprehensible and shall not be in breach of legal regulations including rights of third persons, particularly shall not be hateful, infringe personality rights or be an act of unfair competition. Posted reviews are published in the Application.
  6. With posting the review the User agrees to free use of this review and publishing by the seller, and to creation of a work in accordance with Act no. 185/2015 Coll. on Copyright and related rights.
  7. The Users shall provide accurate, complete and true information about themselves in connection with use of the Application.
  8. Users are prohibited from adding reviews or content to the Application that is contrary to good manners and whose purpose is to intentionally harm the other party or advertises another business entity.
  9. The Users shall maintain the good reputation of the Company and the Application.
  10. Users shall create only one account in the Application, that is related to phone number or email of the User.
  11. Users are prohibited from bypassing the Application system in relation to reservations in order to bypass credit payment.
  12. Users shall make acquitant themselves with these Terms and Conditions and follow them, otherwise the Company reserves the right to limit their access to the Application or to suspend the account.
  13. Each user grants their consent for the Company to expand, edit, store, or otherwise modify all or part of the user’s membership content. In particular, it authorizes the Company to expand and store member content on social networks, digital devices, servers or other media in any format, in any way, and all this for the purpose of storing, backing up, transferring or downloading content for the proper functioning of the Application. The User grants the Company permission to make formatting adjustments to the member content, especially for the proper functioning of the Application (graphical adjustment, technical adjustments and others for maintaining the proper operation of the Application and “in step” with the competition).
  14. The company has the right to organize occasional competitions and events, the conditions of which will always be stated in the Application or on the website. Promotions (discounts) in the Application are not cumulative, unless otherwise stated in the terms of the promotion.

IV. Termination of Agreement

  1. The Comany is contractual party to the Driver and the Passenger only in the extent of purchasing of the credit on its platform.
  2. The User, who is a consumer, is entitled to terminate the agreement on purchase of the credit without stating the reason, except for cases referred to in point 5 ot this article, by sending a writen notice to address of the Company. The notice period is 7 days form notice delivery to the Company. In case of notice of termination by member of the Application, the member shall request payment of unused credit, if he or she is entitled to it according to Terms and Conditions. The written form shall be followed.
  3. The user, who is consumer use for termination of the agreement the Form for notice of termination and refunding unused credit published on website and send it to the address of the Company. The Company charges in part of unused credit handling fee of 20.- Eur including VAT.
  4. After receiving written notice of termination from User as Consumer the Company shall send the User at his or her email confirmation of receiving the written notice..
  5. The consumer is not entitled to withdraw the contract in following cases:
    1. in case of service contracts after the service has been fully performed with the consumer’s prior express consent before the period for withdrawal expires, and the consumer has been ackonwledged before concluding the contract that he will lose his right of withdrawal once the contract has been fully performed;
    2. in case of contract on supplement of goods or services for which the price is dependent on fluctuations in the financial market which cannot be controlled by the trader and which may occur within the withdrawal period;
    3. in case of contract on supplement of goods made to the consumer’s specifications or for the consumer;
    4. in case of contract on supplement of sealed goods which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed after delivery
    5. in case of contract on supplement of goods which are liable to deteriorate or goods which are, after delivery, inseparably mixed with other items
    6. in case of contract on purchase of sealed audio or sealed video or sealed audio-video recordings or sealed computer software which were unsealed after delivery
    7. in case of contract on purchase newspaper, periodical or magazine with the exception of subscription contracts for the supply of such publications and purchase of books not delivered as sealed items
    8. in case of provision of accommodation other than for residential purpose, transport of goods, car rental services, catering or services related to leisure activities if the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance
    9. In case of supply of digital content which is not supplied on a tangible medium if the performance has begun with the consumer’s prior express consent and his acknowledgment that he thereby loses his right of withdrawal.
  6. The distance or off-premises contract shall be deemed as not being concluded in case of withdrawal from it. Anything what the parties have provided will be returned unchanged, unless the change is necessary to determine the nature, properties and functionality of the Goods. The return should be made without delay, within 14 days at the latest.
  7. The Company shall reimburse all payments received from the consumer, including, the costs of delivery in any event not later than 14 days from the day of delivery of notice of termination or withdrawal from the contract from Consumer. The member shall provide to the Company the number of the bank account with IBAN, on which shall be the payment made. The Company shall return the payment on the bank account provided by the buyer.

V. Out-of-court methods of resolving complaints and asserting claims

  1. You can find information regarding out – of – court methods of resolving complaints between the customer as an consumer and asserting claims as follows:
  • Slovenská obchodná inšpekcia, with seat Bajkalská 21/A, 827 99 Bratislava 27, identification number of the organisation: 17331927. All the information about out – of – court methods of complaints are published on website of Slovak trade inspection on www.soi.sk – https://www.soi.sk/sk/alternativne-riesenie-spotrebitelskych-sporov.soi. 
  • You can lodge a complaint via online platform EU ODR on http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

VI. Closing provisions

  1. Any potential dispute arising between the Company and the User who is a Consumer shall be decided before slovak courts in accordance with slovak law.
  2. The Company shall be not responsible for acting of the users and users of the Application,, even in the context of a shared ride. The company does not use, rent or otherwise provide the vehicles that are the subject of the advertisement and does not offer shared rides.
  3. The company does not check the accuracy and completeness of adver tise-ments published in the Application, including its content, for which the Driver or Passenger is solely responsible. The Company’s sole focus is on mak-ing it easy for users to use the Application.
  4. Relations not governed by this Terms and Conditions are governed by Civil Code and Consumer Protection Act and other legal regulations of the law of the Slovak Republic.
  5. Each customer shall be informed of all changes to these Terms and conditions through information on the main page of the electronic store, which shall contain a summary of the changes and their effective date. The effective date of the changes must not be shorter than 14 days from the date of their notification. If the Customer, who has an account, does not agree with the new content of the Terms and Conditions, he or she shall inform the Company about this fact within 14 days from the day on which he or she was informed about the change in the Terms and Conditions. Notification of disagreement with the new content of the Company’s Terms and conditions results in the termination of the contract.
  6. All rights to the website, Applications, including copyright , intellectual property rights to its name, Internet domain, website, Internet domain, Online Shop website, as well as to forms, logotypes belong to the Com pany and the use of these rights can only be performed for the specified manner, by agreement and in accordance with these Terms and condi tions.
  7. The company grants the user permission to publish his account and its con-tent on social networks.