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Enter the world of TITORI and discover a way of traveling that changes the rules. We are a platform for shared rides and sustainable travel.

We improve the environment and save your budget. With TITORI, you get more than just a carpool – you get new experiences!

Become a driver and save with TITORI

Become a TITORI driver and open the door to new possibilities.

With our shared ride platform, you save travel costs, meet new people and discover new places. Travel with us and discover the world together with TITORI.

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Forget about the hassle of finding transportation. With TITORI, you can quickly and easily find a carpool that will get you where you want to go. Just enter your route and find great fellow travelers. Come with us on a journey that changes the way we travel.

Average prices
most popular routes

Bratislava Košice
16,90 €
Banská Bystrica Bratislava
11,50 €
Bratislava Žilina
11,20 €
Košice Žilina
13,40 €

TOP benefits

Traveling with TITORI allows you to share fuel costs with other travelers, thus saving money in your budget

You can choose when and with whom you want to travel, giving you more flexibility in your plans.

We reduce the amount of CO2 emissions by sharing rides with others, which helps to protect the environment.

TITORI has measures in place to check the profiles of drivers and passengers, which ensures the safety of all users.

CO2 Calculator

We reduce the amount of CO2 emissions by sharing rides with others, which helps to protect the environment.

Car consumption
Amount of kilometers
000 tree you should plant to make your ride carbon neutral

Frequently asked questions

1. Download the TITORI application according to your mobile phone (App Store / Google Play)

2. Enter the place, date of departure and final destination.

3. Wait for confirmation from the driver, which we will automatically inform you about.

4. Get in the car and enjoy the ride!

Carpool costs can vary depending on several factors, including distance, departure time, number of seats available and other variables. It’s up to the drivers themselves to set their prices per seat in the car. But we’ll give you a suggested price.

In TITORI, we allow drivers and passengers to communicate and agree on prices. This means that you can view the available rides and their prices before making a decision. On our website you will also find popular routes and places where you can find affordable carpools. Check out our offer on our website and start looking for your next carpool on TITORI. You will see that traveling with us is easy and affordable.

Financial Savings: One of the main benefits of ride-sharing is the ability to save money. Fuel costs and other travel expenses are shared among all passengers, making ride-sharing a cost-effective mode of transportation.

Ecological Aspect: Fewer cars on the road means fewer emissions. Ride-sharing helps reduce the carbon footprint, which is important for a better environment and preserving the planet for future generations.

Comfort and Society: Shared driving can be a social experience. You can meet new people and share pleasant moments during the trip. Besides, traveling with other people can be a lot more fun than riding alone.

Flexibility: With the TITORI application, you can easily plan your trips and go on an adventure whenever you want. You don’t have to follow fixed timetables, as with public transport.

Long Route Options: In addition to city transfers, you can also find long routes for traveling between cities or countries on TITORI. This allows you to discover new places and cultures without your own car.


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Traveling with others not only saves the environment, but also strengthens our relationships and brings us together. In the car, we find not only a journey, but also an opportunity to share stories, laughter and adventures. Driving together allows us to save costs and creates a pleasant community. Let’s put our hands together and share this journey with our car.

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