Why is TITORI the most effective application on the market?

That’s because we focus on your need for a comfortable and sustainable way to travel. Our platform focuses on providing a convenient and sustainable way to travel. With TITORI, you have access to various options for planning and implementing your journey in the most efficient way.
You can create a ride in different ways on the home screen of the app.

Planned driving is great for longer distances or trips to other cities. Recurring driving allows you to set up regular trips several days in advance, great for daily commutes. In turn, instant driving helps you find a passenger at the last minute, while nearby driving is ideal for urban transportation and replaces regular taxi services.
For each ride, you only need to fill in basic information such as address, date and time. The app will suggest a price for the ride, but the decision is yours. After finding a match, you can contact the passenger and agree on a ride together.

How does TITORI actually work?

TITORI has a unique algorithm that can find a match between users right on the go. This means that if someone is traveling from Košice to Bratislava, the application will offer people traveling from other cities on the same route and thus search for a user traveling from Žilina to Bratislava, for example. Our algorithm, in cooperation with Google Maps, ensures always up-to-date routes, so we can offer information such as distance, estimated times and create an itinerary for the user, so passengers have more accurate information about when the driver will pick them up.

At the same time, they can see it live on the map, according to the current GPS location, so they can prepare for the ride in the comfort of their home and do not have to wait somewhere outside for the driver to arrive. In addition, our algorithm is always looking for possible matches and trying to connect users, so their ad doesn’t end up in the dust like somewhere in a FB group.

In addition to shared rides, the TITORI application also allows the transport of packages, so you can choose whether you travel with people or prefer to transport a package.
After finishing the ride, it is important to leave a rating that will help other users choose reliable companions.
With TITORI, traveling is not just about moving from point A to point B, it is an experience of shared journeys, new acquaintances and a gentle approach to the environment.

We are TITORI and our journey is sharing, join us today.


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